Cob oven - Sárból tapasztott kemence

In this simple oven, which heats up fairly quickly, you can bake bread, pizza and cakes.
Ebben az egyszerű kemencében, ami viszonylag gyorsan felmelegszik, süthetsz kenyeret, pizzát, és süteményeket.

Ajánló: Máriahalmon Lakatos Gézának vannak izgalmas cob-kályha kísérletei (klikk ide!).

2 megjegyzés:

  1. WOW nice oven guys. I have a few tips to share. I learned that if you put some stones in the cob as you're building up the walls you will
    a)increase thermal properties of the over (it will stay hotter longer)
    b) you will use less clay (and you will appreciate this especially if you have to sift pebbles out of it)
    c) it will look so much cooler
    Nice to see your work!!!

  2. Hey Alex. Thanks for your comment :) I wish we were at this point and had a finished/working cob oven. We didn't have the chance to build this one, but at least got to try some delicious fruit pies that were baked in it. This was on a farm in Arizona this past spring.